Cardio Tennis

Cardio tennis classes are a fun and social way to workout. They cater for all ages and abilities regardless of whether you have ever picked up a tennis racquet. If players don’t have a racquet, we can supply one.

On arrival, the coach explains how the workout will run. Up to 10 people will experience a fun, high-energy workout focused on constant movement that includes:

  • 10 to 15 minute warm-up
  • 30 minute Cardio segment
  • 15 minute cool-down

Upbeat music to motivate players, heart-rate monitors (supplied) to check fitness levels and calorie burn, and competitive point scoring games for the more competitive minded! This is a fun, tennis-based workout like no other.

Regular Cardio Tennis workouts, are designed to make players feel better, increase hand-eye coordination, tennis skill and fitness level.

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